Black Beach, Vik, Iceland The black sand beach in Vik is called by its local Reynishverfi and since it is famous because of it’s... Top 5 Black Beaches In The World


Black Beach, Vik, Iceland

The black sand beach in Vik is called by its local Reynishverfi and since it is famous because of it’s black sand and basalt sea stack, tour guides are more willing to take you 10 km just before you reach Vík. That is where the black sand beach with 68 m high boulders can be found.

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The Black Sands Beach at Kalapana, called Kaimu in Hawaiian

In 1990, Kilauea volcano erupted and Kalapana village was in the direct path of a massive lava flow. The lava completely destroyed the village and buried everything – including the beautiful Kaimu beach – under 80 feet of lava! For several months, the lava continued to flow into the ocean, filling the bay and adding new acres of land to the shoreline.

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Black Stone Beach, Oregon

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, Cobble Beach’s home, is one of the treasures of Oregon. There you can visit tide pools, climb a winding spiral staircase to the tippy-top of Yaquina Head Lighthouse, explore a wonderful interpretive center, gaze in awe at the 300,000 common murres who live on the mammoth rocks off the end of the Head, feel the powerful wind in your face or climb the hill and look for whales.

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Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Located between Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the small town of Naalehu, Punaluu Black Sand Beach’s jet black shores are an unforgettable sight. Coconut palms fringe the upper edge of sand and you may also discover large honu, or Hawaiian Green Sea turtles, basking on the beach. Although it may be tempting, do not touch these protected turtles and do not remove any black sand from the beach.

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Black Sand Beach ( Playa Negra ) Vieques, Puerto Rico

The island also had some volcanic activity, hot magma pushed up through the plates in the ocean floor. Some obvious signs of that volcanic activity would be the rocks of Puerto Ferro, and this black sand beach. The black sand is very fine (but very heavy) volcanic material that runs down the volcanic areas of the island (mainly Monte Pirata) along with rain run-off and ends up in a small stream (Quebrada Urbana), where it eventually gets pushed out onto Playa Negra.

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