Yoga is an ancient practice of gaining holistic health. It’s a method of improving the body, mind and spirit together and leading a peaceful... Top 15 Health Benefits of Yoga for Men & Women


Yoga is an ancient practice of gaining holistic health. It’s a method of improving the body, mind and spirit together and leading a peaceful life. Practitioners of yoga experience physical and mental benefits at many levels and they go on to lead a rewarding life.

Yoga combines the virtues of asana and mediation to deliver total health to its adherents. It keeps one calm and promotes the virtues of maintaining a balance between the physical and mental. By doing yoga on a regular basis, one stands to gain a lot and lead a contended and happy life.

Yoga brings a wide range of health benefits, including:

Your body becomes flexible

Yoga makes your body flexible. Or it brings improved physical flexibility to the body. It loosens up the body and makes it feel more supple and elastic than it earlier was. Over time, you can do tough poses with as effortless ease as you’d never have hoped earlier. And when the body is flexible, it feels less aches and pains than it did earlier.

Your posture gets better

Frequent bouts of fatigue are resulted from bad posture. Besides, incorrect posture causes pain in a lot of different body parts including back, neck and joints. As yoga delivers strength and flexibility, bad posture problems are also solved to keep those pain away.

Spine protection and better bone health 

Yoga helps you keep the spinal disks supple. And with that, the spine gets a desired level of protection. In addition, yoga also delivers benefits of a high impact exercise and provides better bone health. It boosts bone density and also helps, in some cases, the storage of calcium in the bones.

Improved blood circulation 

Yoga helps in blood circulation. It brings more oxygen to the body cells. In addition, it also has a positive effect on oxygen-carrying tissues to better the level of haemoglobin. Cases of strokes and heart attacks are less frequent in those who are a regular practitioner of yoga.

Superior immunity 

Yoga improves the immunity system of the body to boost its resistance power. This way, diseases and illness find it tough to reach the body. The immunity gets a boost as yoga poses give mobility to the body which impacts the drainage of lymph. And when the lymphatic system works fine, it keeps the waste products and toxins out of the body.

Improved focus

Yoga is known to improve the level of focus of its practitioners. Besides, it also helps to improve coordination and reaction time. Memory becomes sharper than earlier when one regularly goes yoga. All this keeps one better equipped to fight distractions and stay focussed on the present.

Better balance 

It’s important to feel the body and sense its balance to lead a better life. Yoga practitioners are able to feel their body as their body is in a right shape to do the same. Their postures are correct and they are free of pains. They feel superior balance and their falls become less or go away completely.

Better and deeper sleep   

Yoga practitioners handle pressures better and stay away from stress-related problems. They are able to stabilize their nervous system to gain control over stray thoughts. All this leads to better and deeper sleep. After all, the body is less tired and les stressed and in such cases, the sleep quality is bound to get better.

Better digestion and elimination process

Stress is a major reason to cause digestive disturbances or problems related to digestion. Besides, constipation and bad bowel are two of problems that adversely impact the digestion. Yoga poses help a lot in improving the digestion system as they are good for the flow of food inside the body. In fact, yoga poses help in smooth passage of waste products through the body to improve the elimination process.

Peace of mind 

Yoga helps develop the ability to quiet the mind. It means, the practitioners become able to control their mind and not allow thoughts to overpower it or sway it. Similarly, yoga helps one keep negative emotions in check to keep the stress at bay. And when the stress is under control, the peace of mind never lags far behind.

Pain relief

Many studies have found yoga to be a great method to relieve pain over time. With its regular practice, one can feel a gradual going away of pain in the cases as varied as arthritis, back pain etc. With yoga asana, your pain goes away and you become more active.

Help in cold and allergies 

Yoga keeps one free from those regular bouts of colds, allergies, running nose etc. Its cleansing exercises help keep the internal system clean and free of problems. It keeps nasal passages clean, takes out nose’s pollen and stops the mucus from hoarding up.

Aerobic conditioning

It’s important to keep the heart rate into the aerobic range. Some yoga exercises are extremely helpful in lowering the resting heart rate and boosting the endurance. More so, they also help to improve the level of oxygen and its intake into the body.

Increased energy

Most of us feel totally exhausted in managing the hustle bustle and demands of the modern time. In fact, some feel drained out in keeping pace with the job, multiple roles and challenges a day throw at them. Yoga helps one feel fresh and energetic and helps face the world with more energy.

Better relationships

Yoga helps one maintain a better relationship at all levels, be it personal or professional. After all, it helps give a calm and relaxed mind and also brings happiness. All these virtues help one understand relationships better and manage them with greater success.


In a nutshell, yoga is truly a beneficial method to gain a total health and lead a happy and contended life. If you want to enjoy the essences of life or want to live the life to fullest, you should be a practitioner of yoga. After all, a peaceful living is a happy living.

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