7 Healthy Stew Recipes
Chicken and Barley Stew Recipe HERE Classic Homemade Beef Stew Recipe HERE Slow Cooker Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Stew Recipe HERE Guinness Beef Stew Recipe HERE Turkey, White Bean and Kale Stew Recipe HERE Mushroom and Chickpea Stew Recipe HERE Sweet Potato Stew Recipe HERE Read more
7 Healthy Chocolate Desserts
Healthy Chocolate Brownies – with oat flour, (vegan or dairy) Recipe HERE The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe HERE Vegan Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes (Gluten-free Option) Recipe HERE This healthier chocolate cake tastes like a double chocolate chip banana muffin! No sugar, butter or oil but uses bananas, greek yogurt... Read more
10 Best Paleo Indian Recipes
3 Ingredient Paleo Naan (Indian bread) Recipe HERE Tandoori Chicken Recipe HERE Indian Saag Paneer Recipe (Clean Eating, Gluten Free, Vegetarian) Recipe HERE Indian Chicken Coconut Korma Recipe HERE Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe HERE Crispy Indian Okra Recipe HERE Roasted Vegetable Masala: Recipe HERE Indian Spiced Cauliflower... Read more
Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Women Make
1. If you count calories… Determine the right intake for you. Only 11% of Americans correctly estimate their ideal daily calorie requirements, according to one survey. The rest of us tend to overestimate, says Bonnie Taub-Dix, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Let’s say you... Read more
10 Classic Pasta Dishes Made Healthier
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10 Healthy Chicken Recipes You Can Make in a Slow Cooker
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Top 10 Healthy Dinners
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10 Healthy Meals You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less
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