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1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala This natural limestone cascade drops gently down the mountainside to create a series of falls and clear turquoise pools. 2. Viñales Valley, Cuba Among natural wonders of the world this amazing valley stands out as its surrounding limestone monuments seem like a picture out of... Read more
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Every fairy tale is always riddled with definitions of a beautiful kingdom full of fairy tale villages ruled over by a benevolent King or evil Queen. A place where Cinderella and Belle lived quietly, in quaint little cottages hoping that someday their prince would come.  A hamlet where Hansel & Gretel lived... Read more
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Gothenburg, Sweden. Peleș Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Menorca, Spain. Hydra Island, Greece Dalmatia, Croatia. Andalucía, Spain Nice, France. Spiez, Switzerland Conques Village, France Capri Italy Bergen, Norway. Positano, Italy. Oslo, Norway Panarea Island, Italy Locorotondo, Italy. London, England Saint Peter’s Church, Portovenere, Italy. Santorini, Greece Lussari, Italy. Alicante, Spain Source: viralplanet.net Read more
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San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy (from Condi Nast) San Gimignano, Province of Siena , Tuscany San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy Via San Giovanni – San Gimignano – Italy San Gimignano/Siena, Italy San Gimignano San Gimignano, Italy San Gimignano, Italy San... Read more
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