Bolivian Salt Flat Creates Amazing Walking on Water Illusion
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12. Marmara Antalya, Turkey This is the only rotating hotel in the world, allowing you to experience 360° stunning views. Floating in a pool of 478 tonnes of water and aided by six electric motors, it completes a rotation several times a day. Imagine falling asleep facing the sea and waking up facing... Read more
15 of the World’s Greatest Roads for Motorcyclists
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The most breathtaking natural wonder in every state
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10 American Ghost Towns You Can Visit
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9 Ultimate Bucket List Road Trips
9. Grand Canyon, Arizona to Moab, Utah Distance: 1387km (862 miles) Starting at the iconic Grand Canyon, hit six classic national parks on a ten day epic road trip through the best canyons in the Southwest. (source) 8. Route 66, Illinois to California Distance: 3210km (1995 miles) The mother of all... Read more
12 Amazing Staircases Around the World
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11 Best Countries That Actually Love Having American Tourists
One of the strangest sensations when traveling abroad as an American is the heightened sense of your American-ness. That I’m-from-anywhere accent you picked up from ’90s sitcoms becomes an invitation for people to guess where you’re from. Texas? California? When all else fails, and you don’t want to explain where Oklahoma... Read more