39 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Thailand
1. Eat off your spoon, not your fork. Eating directly off a fork is considered crude; instead, use your fork to push food onto your spoon. 2. Yes, the people really are *that* nice. Don’t be surprised if strangers offer you advice or strike up a conversation with you.... Read more
The Most Beautiful Beaches In Brazil
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15 Of The Most Exotic Beaches In The World
1. Honopu Beach – Kauai, Hawaii If you want to get to this beach, you’ve got to work for it. You can’t hike, boat or drive – swimming from an offshore boat is the only means of access. photo: Jason Waltman photo: Cory Yap   2. Anse Source d’Argent... Read more
20 Incredible Secret Places That You Don’t Know About
1. CHEFCHAOUEN IN NORTHWEST MOROCCO The place where you will find the special blue painted buildings. The whole spectrum charges your heart and soul batteries. 2. LORD HOWE ISLAND IN AUSTRALIA The Island is untouched by man. Only the 400 luckiest tourists will be allowed to visit this island... Read more
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40 Wonders of the World You Didn’t Know Existed
1. Semuc Champey, Guatemala This natural limestone cascade drops gently down the mountainside to create a series of falls and clear turquoise pools. 2. Viñales Valley, Cuba Among natural wonders of the world this amazing valley stands out as its surrounding limestone monuments seem like a picture out of... Read more
15 Fairy Tale Cities That Actually Exists In Real Life
Every fairy tale is always riddled with definitions of a beautiful kingdom full of fairy tale villages ruled over by a benevolent King or evil Queen. A place where Cinderella and Belle lived quietly, in quaint little cottages hoping that someday their prince would come.  A hamlet where Hansel & Gretel lived... Read more
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