Weird Things That People Do In Relationships To Avoid If You Can
1. Sleeping In Separate Beds & Losing Intimacy If you snore, or work wildly different schedules, then sleeping separately might be just what you both need. But some couples find themselves sleeping in different rooms for no good reason, and people definitely have opinions about that. “Many people feel... Read more
29 Habits of Extremely Considerate People
They put themselves in other people’s shoes. They recognize their own imperfections—and embrace them! They open the door for people instead of barging through it first. They try to make people feel comfortable in awkward situations. If someone looks great, they tell them! Why not? They think first and... Read more
50 Small Things That Make Relationships Last
Here are 50 small things that relationships need to last. Travel and discover new places together. Forgive immediately. Forget and don’t keep a score. Communicate and listen more. Pursue your individual passions. Set goals as a couple. Pursue goals together. Learn to say “thank you” to the other person.... Read more