10 Secret American Beaches
Ruby Beach, Washington At Ruby Beach, situated inside three national parks and a bit more on the rugged side, you’re more likely to share the sand with a few critters than any beach revelers. Visitors come here for the unique tidal pools at low tide and beautifully eerie fog... Read more
California Road Trip: 19 Places You Have To See
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11 Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships
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Epic road trips for all tastes
Fromextreme transcontinental voyages to weekend getaways with kiddies on board –the thing that defines all road trips is that the journey itself not the destination matters. If you believeyou’ve mastered the ability to celebrate the unexpected and agree with G.K.Chesterton that “an adventure isonly an inconvenience rightly considered”,  you’re... Read more
30 Amazing Views From Above That Only Birds, Drones, and Satellites Can Get
Giant pink bunny — Prata Nevoso, Italy © Google Earth Up with the birds — Jaipur, Rajasthan, India A Canadian student, Melanie Coles has installed a 55 ft painting of Waldo on a Vancouver rooftop. © Google Earth Transport Round Point — a touch of editing and it’s awesome again. Coca-Cola logo, Arica, Arica y Parinacota, Chile © Google Earth The Crookedest... Read more
She Is Grandmother ? I Not Believe (5 Photos)
11 Countries With Amazing Things for People’s Lives
11. Skytrain, new police “officers,” and sleeping anywhere, China © xcaihui In China, a new railway station called Skytrain took only 4 months to build. A train that looks like a Chengdu panda will move along the country’s fastest suspension railway line. The train seats 230 passengers and reaches a speed of 37 miles per hour. It was designed... Read more
6 Cheapest Countries to Travel to in 2018
Everyone loves to travel, but let be honest, it isn’t always possible due to financial reasons. The great thing is that certain countries are much more affordable than others, making it possible for people to travel to these countries for a longer period of time. I have taken the... Read more
7 Most Beautiful Streets in America
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These Are the 7 Buzziest Travel Destinations
Grappling with post-election blues? If recent events have left you feeling a little stressed and deflated, set your sights on a short sojourn to combat election fatigue. For those looking to escape the tourist hordes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to discover under-the-radar locales that offer much-needed rest and recovery.... Read more