15 Beautiful Lakes In The World
Green Lake in Styria, Austria Lake of Fire, Sao Miguel Island-Azzore Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Jackson Lake Grand Tenton National Park Wyoming Lake Tahoe ~ is a large fresh water lake in the Sierra Nevada Lake Braies, Italy Lake Louise, Canada Lake Huron Beach Mazury Lakes Obersee Lake,... Read more
The Best Love Story Ever: Man Meets Quokka
Campbell Jones was out for a bike ride, when he met what is possibly the friendliest quokka on Earth 1 “As I walked back to my bike, the quokka chased after me” 2 “I put down the GoPro and it jumped at me as if to say, ‘Come back’”... Read more
All Of This Was The Pinnacle Of Entertainment For Kids Way Before Anything Digital Existed – In Pictures
Standing in front of the toy display at McDonald’s trying to figure out which toy you want with your Happy Meal. 1 Whether it was in computer class or you were simply messing around at home, there was always some great satisfaction in becoming a modern day Picasso. 2... Read more
Nothing Stopped Them From Trying To Look Like Their Idols. Even Plastic Surgery Prices – In Pictures
25-year-old Pixee Fox spent more than $120,000 to look like Jessica Rabbit. The model even had six of her ribs removed in order to copy the sexy cartoon’s impossibly tiny waist. On her GoFundMe page, Fox wrote, “My goal is to capture the exaggerated femininity of beautiful animated characters... Read more
20 Best Places In The World
Lofoten, Norway Vestal Peak Reflection, Colorado, USA Kent, England Naxos, Cyclades, Greece Mount Xiang Gong, Guilin of China Lake Wakatipu, near Queenstown, New Zealand Lily Beach, Maldives Shoalhaven River Sunset, New South Wales, Australia Portofino, Italy Nafplio, Peloponnese, Greece Blue Cave Castle, Negril, Jamaica Mykonos, Greece The Mingus Mill,... Read more
15 Wonderful Castles In The World
Loket Castle, Czech Republic 12th Century Fortress, Nomandy, France Trakoscan Castle, Croatia Abandoned Castle, Perthshire, Scotland Arundel Castle, West Sussex, England Chateau de Montfort, Dordogne, France Spiš Castle, Slovakia Balmoral Castle, Scotland Inveraray Castle, Scotland Fougères, Bretagne, France Château de Najac, Southern France Prague Castle, Czech Republic Dunsmuir Castle’s... Read more
20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know
I will be 40 in less than a year. I would be lying if I said that turning the big 40 didn’t bother me. It seems that 40 is a number where I believe I should have finally ‘arrived’ in life, or my life should be the perfect picture... Read more
17 Habits Of Happy Independent Women — How Many Do You Have?
Being an independent woman, and a happy one at that, is the most important person you can be. When you’re not dependent on anyone else, you get to live your life, on your terms, and not really give a flying fuck about the judgments of others. You don’t have... Read more
In Fact, President Of The US Is Not All-Powerful In So Many Ways
Interpret Laws or The Constitution. Does the 1st amendment cover free speech on the internet or no? That judgment is not up to the President. It’s actually up to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States), the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government. This is the highest court... Read more
42 Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating
A Saudi Prince Just Paid For His 80 Falcons To Fly On A Commercial Flight 1 An Australian man was trapped for 2 hours in a dam with only his nose above water after his excavator shifted causing the machine to pin him down 2 On the way to... Read more