Fascinating Historical Photos That Won’t Leave You Indifferent
A young Elvis Presley holding records, 1950 1 The Californian lumberjacks who cut down giant redwoods, 1915 2 Albert Einstein with Hopi Indians, 1922 3 Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield, 1957. 4 A mugshot of fortune tellers, New York, 1943 5 No time to explain! Donkey rescue, 1940s 6 Micheal Jordan vs Micheal Jackson playing... Read more
30 Most Beautiful Places in Greece You Must Visit Before You Die!
Parga Meteora Monasteries Vasiliki Harbour, Lefkada, Greece Blue Caves Milos Island Mykonos-Greece Naoussa, Paros Island Kastani Beach on the charming Greek island of Skopelos ! Egremni beach, Lefkada !! Elafonissi, Chania Zakynthos Nafplio Kefalonia Island Lefkada Island Ouzo and Meze next to the Sea ! Paros, Greece Navagio, Zakynthos... Read more
Amazing Places To Travel In Mexico – In Pictures
San Miguel de Allende / Mexico (by Paul Michaud) Mayan Ruins . Palanque, Mexico Sumidero Canyon, Mexico Hotel Posada Mirador in Sinaloa, México Canal in Playa del Carmen Mexico Guanajuato, México Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Las Pozas, San Luis Potosi Temple of the Sun, from Temple of the Cross,... Read more
15 Most Beautiful Places In The World
Classic Sunrise at Toroweap, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA, Azerbaijan Tower – Baku, Azerbaijan whitehaven beach, australia The Colosseum – Rome, Italy Nymph Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado Marvel Lake, Canada, Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France Civita di Bagnoregio ,Italy, Azenhas do Mar, Portugal Yosemite National... Read more
40 Signs You’re Being Abused By A Narcissist
You no longer recognize yourself. Your emotions are all over the place. You feel angry, sad, anxious, ashamed, guilty, bad and afraid. You lack joy and can’t get excited about anything. You feel numb, emotionless as if your soul has been ripped out (because it has). You can’t concentrate... Read more
It Took Artist 3.5 Years To Finish This Incredible Huge Pen And Ink Painting
Manabu Ikeda is a Japanese pen and ink artist who just finished a massive painting called “Rebirth.” In his painting the artist expressed what happened to Japan after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, the tsunami that followed and the rebirth of the country. Ikeda started working on “Rebirth” in 2013.... Read more
These Street Art Masterpieces Are Far Superior To The Lots Of Modern Art Auctions
Papeete, Tahiti Artist: Еduardo Kobra 1 Casuarina, Peru Artist: JADE 2 Tauranga, New Zealand Artists: Hula 3 Papeete, Tahiti Artists: Seth Globepainter and HTJ 4 Calais, France Artist: Banksy 5 Miami, USA Artist: INTI 6 Stockholm, Sweden Artist: Yash 7 Montreal, Canada Artist: Emmanuel Jarus 8 Oslo, Norway Artist:... Read more
These Are The Places Where The World’s Finest Art Was Born – In Pictures
Salvador Dali 1 Jackson Pollock 2 Pablo Picasso 3 Hans Hartung 4 Laurie Lipton 5 Phil Akashi 6 Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson 7 Keith Haring 8 Claude Monet 9 Yue Minjun 10 Roy Lichtenstein 11 Francis Bacon 12 Frida Kahlo 13 Joan Miro 14 Auguste Rodin 15 Gustave Clarence... Read more
Civilization Doesn’t Like People Running Away From It
Alan and Kate Burrows are married for more than 10 years now. When Kate was diagnosed with Multiple chemical sensitivity they had to move out of town. They have chosen forest as their new home, building themselves a house out of wood, mud and straw, hoping to live there... Read more
Mighty Ducks Are Adult Ducks Now – Pictures
Emilio Estevez- Gordon Bombay Emilio Estevez finally stood out of the Brat Pack spotlight when he played the Mighty Ducks coach. He kept acting through the early 2000’s, but has lately been focusing more on directing. Gordon Bombay is still near and dear to him, however, and he showed... Read more