These Football Players Would Be The Most Expensive On The Market, If Anyone Would Have Sold Them…
But, as their clubs are too wise to do so, football think tank CIES Football Observatory had to find out scientifically which football players are the most valuable. They considered these factors to evaluate players from Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1: Player performance: The... Read more
Fishing Is So Good For Us (20 pics)
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Firefighters put out house fire – then see the dog carrying something in its mouth
The bond between a mother and her child is one of the strongest known to humankind. Whether we’re talking about people, dogs, birds, or fish, we see the power of this bond across countless species. When a family’s house recently caught fire, this powerful bond was exposed. But it... Read more
Teenage girls want to stop rapes – now their brilliant invention can save lives
The music at the party is loud. To hear what her friend is saying, the teenage girl turns her head around, removing her eyes from her drink for a split second. Just enough time for someone to slip something into her glass. A guy has been observing her and... Read more
When There’s Only One Word To Say – AWESOME! (20 pics)
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That Make You Go (15 pics)
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Travel in Croatia; Visit Old Town in Split
Split – narrow street Croatia Split Diocletian’s Palace by WenMin Tseng on 500px Diocletian’s Palace Split, Croatia   Read more
Kids and Their Pets

Kids and Their Pets

Life June 13, 2017

Cute friends! Too cute cute chicken coops Springer Spaniel & his boy Read more
I Need Some Acid

I Need Some Acid

Life June 12, 2017

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When You’re Lazy all Morning (7 Photos)