11 Authentic Street Foods That People Eat Around the World
Bright Side  collected the best street food around the globe to show how colorful our world is. 11. Masala dosa in India Indian cuisine is so delicious that it’s known almost everywhere in the world. This particular meal used to be popular only in the southern states of India, but now it’s very common almost everywhere in the country and... Read more
9 Places Around the World That Only the Bravest Tourists Dare Visit
9. The Chapel of Bones This chapel is located in Évora, Portugal, and it is one of the most famous monuments of the city. The chapel gets its name from the interior walls that are covered and decorated with human skulls and bones. The Chapel of Bones was built in the 16th century by a Franciscan monk who wanted to tell his brothers... Read more
10 Things Trump Is Taking Away Because He Loves Corporations And Hates You
1. A proposed rule by the Department of Transportation that required airlines to disclose their baggage fees to customers was rescinded by the Trump administration. If airlines so choose, you may not be able to plan ahead for the fees you’ll be required to pay. 2. Right now, those who... Read more
12 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries
Bright Side shares with you the 12 most useful tips that can help you stay away from unexpected troubles and make your vacation truly unforgettable. 12. Jellyfish, corals, and bright fish © wikimedia   © Towle N/flickr Lots of dangerous creatures, including some species of fish, jellyfish, and corals, live in the warm waters of tropical countries.... Read more
21 Bizarre Discoveries Left Abandoned
Sanzhi ghost town, Taiwan This town was planned as a luxurious seashore resort for local wealthy men, but when the construction began, the oddities began, too. Dozens of workers died, having fallen from high above (even with safety ropes on) or crushed by broken cranes. The locals believed the town to be inhabited by evil spirits. There were... Read more
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US Spy Has Captured Life In The USSR After The World War II
Schoolgirls At Kolomenskoye, A Former Royal Estate In The South Of Moscow A Market In Crimea, A Few Years Before The Peninsula Was “Gifted” To Ukraine By Stalin’s Successor A Night Shot Of Moscow Flooded Streets In Kiev Babushka Dealings, Snapped Out Of The Window Of A Train A... Read more
Creative man pimps out his garage with a designer floor
You can do whatever you want to certain spaces in your house and they’re never really going to look good. Though you don’t spend so much time in the basement, garden shed or garage, it doesn’t hurt to spruce these areas up a bit to make them more welcoming. That must have been what... Read more
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Cool trick: Use a rope to start a car with a dead battery
Sometimes bad luck strikes and we find ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, alone with no cell phone reception, and a car that won’t start. If it’s simply a case of a dead battery, you can easily get your car started using only a jack and a rope. But there... Read more