12 Things You Should Stop Doing That Are Stealing Your Joy
1. Worrying About The Future Jesus specifically warned us against worry in Matthew 6:25-34. I think he did this specifically because he knew that we’re prone to doing it, and doing it well. But worrying about the future robs us of the joys of the moment. It also causes us... Read more
24 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate
You can convey what you’re thinking by just looking at each other. You can’t even remember what it was like to be without them — and you don’t want to! They challenge you every single day. They know exactly what to do to calm you down when you’re mad,... Read more
Mother Teresa Quotes For Daily Life Fulfillment
1. Create Better Relationships When was the last time you judged someone? Today? Probably! As humans we are built with the capability to judge others to an inch of their life. But, we judge them based on our opinions and beliefs, not on the truth. We don’t know what... Read more
25 Inspirational Quotes Every Woman Should Read
You Hate When People See You Cry Because You Want To Be That Strong Girl. At The Same Time, Though, You Hate How Nobody Notices How Torn Apart And Broken You Are. Go Ahead Tell Me That I’m Not Good Enough Tell Me I Can’t Do It Because I... Read more
25 Motivational Quotes For The Modern Man
25 Motivational Quotes For The Modern Man Other 50 motivation read HERE  Read more
30 Amazing Habits That Will Make Your Life Awesome
Love yourself first Don’t get attached to stuff Choose experiences over stuff Don’t compare yourself with others Make something for someone to show that you care Learn to say no Someone else’s recipe may not work for you Have an idea jar Act exactly how you feel Smile at people... Read more
25 Life Lessons Written by a 100-Year-Old Man
Always maintain a good sense of humor. Never be too good to start at the bottom. Exercise every single day, even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t spend more money than you make. Drink orange juice every day. Love at first sight is not a fable. Having a... Read more
5 Powerful Habits of Ultra Successful People
1. They Speed Learn Being able to boost your own learning curve to a point where you feel comfortable with learning about new topics is a sign of successful people. Just fifteen minutes a day of non-fiction is all that you need to make a genuine difference to your... Read more
7 Best Plants To Help You Sleep
English Ivy source While this plant is considered an invasive plant in many areas, if you’re going to use it indoors you should be just fine. The reason why it’s such a powerful plant to use in the bedroom is because it purifies the air much better than many other plants.... Read more
15 Things To Give Up Of You Want To Be Happy
1. Give up your need to always be right  There are so many of us who can’t stand the idea of being wrong – wanting to always be right – even at the risk of ending great relationships or causing a great deal of stress and pain, for us... Read more