There Is Much More Positivity In The World Than You Would Think – In Pictures
The Giant Panda has been removed from the ‘Endangered Species’ list. 1     Some Quebec grocery stores are now the first in Canada that will send unused produce to food banks. 2     The Ocean Clean Up Project has started their initiative to remove 40% of the... Read more
43 Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating
An Abbey Road Studios EMI TG12345 MK IV recording console used between 1971-1983, housed in Studio 2, the console which Pink Floyd used to record their landmark album, The Dark Side of the Moon. 1 2   The First Dinosaur Tail discovered is preserved in Amber, 99 Million Years Old... Read more
27 Incredible Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
1. The Sunshine Foundation allowed Austin to fulfil his dream of “going fast” by donating a racing wheelchair that his family couldn’t afford. He now has 4 gold medals and a Canadian speed record. diply   2. A group of christians in Chicago apologised to the gay community for the... Read more
Nobody Will Make Love In This Japanese “Love Motel” Ever Again… Pictures
The Fuurin Motel in Tokyo, Japan, was once used as a place for lovers to rendezvous. It was abandoned 17 years ago and locals are scared to go near the ‘love hotel’ because they think it is haunted by spirits. 1   The hotel is now derelict. Most of... Read more
Kansas City Takes Real Care Of America’s War Veterans By Building New Free Homes For Them
This tiny home is one of 50 that make up Veterans Village, a new housing project in Kansas City 1   Homeless veterans can live here completely free, and stay as long as they need to 2   The houses were built by Veterans Community Project, a local non-profit... Read more
The Day When Service Puppies Enter Their New Jobs Is The Cutest Day Ever – Pictures
Tuco Trying On The Vest For The First Time 1 Guide Dog Puppy With His Teddy Bear 2 Future Seeing Eye Dog 3 Even The Comfort Puppy Needs Some Comfort 4 Trying On Their First Vests 5 And The Winner For Cutest Service Dog Goes To 6 This Is... Read more
Fascinating Historical Photos That Won’t Leave You Indifferent
A young Elvis Presley holding records, 1950 1 The Californian lumberjacks who cut down giant redwoods, 1915 2 Albert Einstein with Hopi Indians, 1922 3 Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield, 1957. 4 A mugshot of fortune tellers, New York, 1943 5 No time to explain! Donkey rescue, 1940s 6 Micheal Jordan vs Micheal Jackson playing... Read more
40 Signs You’re Being Abused By A Narcissist
You no longer recognize yourself. Your emotions are all over the place. You feel angry, sad, anxious, ashamed, guilty, bad and afraid. You lack joy and can’t get excited about anything. You feel numb, emotionless as if your soul has been ripped out (because it has). You can’t concentrate... Read more
It Took Artist 3.5 Years To Finish This Incredible Huge Pen And Ink Painting
Manabu Ikeda is a Japanese pen and ink artist who just finished a massive painting called “Rebirth.” In his painting the artist expressed what happened to Japan after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, the tsunami that followed and the rebirth of the country. Ikeda started working on “Rebirth” in 2013.... Read more
These Street Art Masterpieces Are Far Superior To The Lots Of Modern Art Auctions
Papeete, Tahiti Artist: Еduardo Kobra 1 Casuarina, Peru Artist: JADE 2 Tauranga, New Zealand Artists: Hula 3 Papeete, Tahiti Artists: Seth Globepainter and HTJ 4 Calais, France Artist: Banksy 5 Miami, USA Artist: INTI 6 Stockholm, Sweden Artist: Yash 7 Montreal, Canada Artist: Emmanuel Jarus 8 Oslo, Norway Artist:... Read more