A 17-Year-Old Boy Paid With Quarters for His Meal in a Restaurant and Was Sneered At (Spoiler: They Now Regret It)
Bright Side would like to remind you that you shouldn’t put up with injustice when the truth is on your side This story is a good example of how one can remove themselves from a conflict without scandal or blame. Read more
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A Look At Celebs From Another Perspective (pics)
Julia Roberts — at the Notting Hill premiere in 1999 1 Princess Diana — taking her children to Disneyland 2 Mariah Carey — on the set of The Bachelor in 1999 3 Britney Spears — in 1999, backstage drinking her milkshake 4 Cher — at the Academy Awards in 1984 5 Sarah Jessica Parker — photographed by Barry King in the 80s 6 Led Zeppelin — arriving... Read more
How Wrestling Stars Wrestle The Time
Lex Luger 1 Jake “The Snake” Roberts 2 Sting 3 Ric Flair 4 Mick Foley 5 Kevin Nash 6 Spike Dudley 7 Hulk Hogan 8 Ted DiBiase 9 Shawn Michaels 10 Kane 11 Gene Okerlund 12 Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart 13 Brutus Beefcake 14 Razor Ramon 15  Credits: www.shared.com Read more
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Stories Of People Who Can Inspire Anyone
“At a young age, I developed self-imagery issues about my body. It later led to depression and anxiety which I suffered from for years. Recently, I finally broke out of my shell and my face and body are on a canvas at Art Basel this year. I couldn’t be any more proud of myself.” 1 “I graduated, I’m debt-free and I’m a single father. I do it all for them.”... Read more
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Apartment Design Ideas That Are Hopelessly Outdated
Bright Side have collected 10 design ideas that are terribly outdated along with modern alternatives. Multilevel ceilings © depositphotos.com   © depositphotos.com According to most designers, the hit of the 2000s — multilevel ceilings with lights — is very outdated. Today, instead of complex constructions, lights, and all that stuff, it’s fashionable to keep ceilings as simple as possible. Colored lights are... Read more
You May Have Not Seen These Movies, But You Very Much Should
The Fisher King (1991) I don’t get how a film with the sublime Robin Williams, and “The Dude” Jeff Bridges could fall under most people’s radar, but somehow, this Terry Gilliam film isn’t well known. The sad part of it is, it should be. This is a beautiful comedy/drama... Read more