12 Products That Grow Not The Way That We Imagined
Bright Side would like to show you how some of our favorite products grow and share some interesting information about each. 12. Dates © Корниенко Виктор/wikimedia © depositphotos Did you know that dates have no odor? That’s why it’s recommended to keep them isolated because dry fruit absorbs foreign odors very fast. Dates grow... Read more
Behind the Harem Doors: What the Real Life of Arab Wives Is Like
Bright Side decided to find out what the real life of beautiful and mysterious Eastern women is all about. Arranged marriage Half of the marriages in Arabic countries are still arranged according to the parents’ will. And most people think that nobody asks the opinion of the girl. In fact, if the future bride doesn’t like the groom, she can refuse his... Read more
10 Things Trump Is Taking Away Because He Loves Corporations And Hates You
1. A proposed rule by the Department of Transportation that required airlines to disclose their baggage fees to customers was rescinded by the Trump administration. If airlines so choose, you may not be able to plan ahead for the fees you’ll be required to pay. 2. Right now, those who... Read more
Here’s How Subcultures Looked Like Back In The 50s: Teddy Boys
US Spy Has Captured Life In The USSR After The World War II
Schoolgirls At Kolomenskoye, A Former Royal Estate In The South Of Moscow A Market In Crimea, A Few Years Before The Peninsula Was “Gifted” To Ukraine By Stalin’s Successor A Night Shot Of Moscow Flooded Streets In Kiev Babushka Dealings, Snapped Out Of The Window Of A Train A... Read more
Creative man pimps out his garage with a designer floor
You can do whatever you want to certain spaces in your house and they’re never really going to look good. Though you don’t spend so much time in the basement, garden shed or garage, it doesn’t hurt to spruce these areas up a bit to make them more welcoming. That must have been what... Read more
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Cool trick: Use a rope to start a car with a dead battery
Sometimes bad luck strikes and we find ourselves stuck in the middle of nowhere, alone with no cell phone reception, and a car that won’t start. If it’s simply a case of a dead battery, you can easily get your car started using only a jack and a rope. But there... Read more
This Dutch Cyclist Beauty Gonna Ride Away With Your Heart
Puck Moonen is a 20-year-old Dutch cyclist who competes for the Autoglas Wetteren Cycling Team. 1 She could easily be a model. 2 Some people think shew just poses… 3 …and I can see why… 4 …but miss Moonen is a real athlete. 5 And a real beauty. 6... Read more