Movie Sets That Are Still There After All These Years
Big Fish 1 Pirates of the Caribbean films 2 The Hunger Games 3 Popeye 4 Looper 5 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 6 Gunsmoke 7 The Hills Have Eyes 8 Westworld 9 Splatalot 10 Hey Dude! 11 Year One 12 The Fugitive 13 New Hope 14  Credits: Read more
A 17-Year-Old Boy Paid With Quarters for His Meal in a Restaurant and Was Sneered At (Spoiler: They Now Regret It)
Bright Side would like to remind you that you shouldn’t put up with injustice when the truth is on your side This story is a good example of how one can remove themselves from a conflict without scandal or blame. Read more
Arnold Schwarzenegger And James Belushi: Then And Now
A Look At Celebs From Another Perspective (pics)
Julia Roberts — at the Notting Hill premiere in 1999 1 Princess Diana — taking her children to Disneyland 2 Mariah Carey — on the set of The Bachelor in 1999 3 Britney Spears — in 1999, backstage drinking her milkshake 4 Cher — at the Academy Awards in 1984 5 Sarah Jessica Parker — photographed by Barry King in the 80s 6 Led Zeppelin — arriving... Read more
How Wrestling Stars Wrestle The Time
Lex Luger 1 Jake “The Snake” Roberts 2 Sting 3 Ric Flair 4 Mick Foley 5 Kevin Nash 6 Spike Dudley 7 Hulk Hogan 8 Ted DiBiase 9 Shawn Michaels 10 Kane 11 Gene Okerlund 12 Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart 13 Brutus Beefcake 14 Razor Ramon 15  Credits: Read more
6 ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spinoff Shows That Need To Happen ASAP
This Is What My Low-Waste Lifestyle Looks Like
Stories Of People Who Can Inspire Anyone
“At a young age, I developed self-imagery issues about my body. It later led to depression and anxiety which I suffered from for years. Recently, I finally broke out of my shell and my face and body are on a canvas at Art Basel this year. I couldn’t be any more proud of myself.” 1 “I graduated, I’m debt-free and I’m a single father. I do it all for them.”... Read more
She Is Grandmother ? I Not Believe (5 Photos)
Apartment Design Ideas That Are Hopelessly Outdated
Bright Side have collected 10 design ideas that are terribly outdated along with modern alternatives. Multilevel ceilings ©   © According to most designers, the hit of the 2000s — multilevel ceilings with lights — is very outdated. Today, instead of complex constructions, lights, and all that stuff, it’s fashionable to keep ceilings as simple as possible. Colored lights are... Read more