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Stories Of People Who Can Inspire Anyone
“At a young age, I developed self-imagery issues about my body. It later led to depression and anxiety which I suffered from for years. Recently, I finally broke out of my shell and my face and body are on a canvas at Art Basel this year. I couldn’t be any more proud of myself.” 1 “I graduated, I’m debt-free and I’m a single father. I do it all for them.”... Read more
She Is Grandmother ? I Not Believe (5 Photos)
Apartment Design Ideas That Are Hopelessly Outdated
Bright Side have collected 10 design ideas that are terribly outdated along with modern alternatives. Multilevel ceilings © depositphotos.com   © depositphotos.com According to most designers, the hit of the 2000s — multilevel ceilings with lights — is very outdated. Today, instead of complex constructions, lights, and all that stuff, it’s fashionable to keep ceilings as simple as possible. Colored lights are... Read more
You May Have Not Seen These Movies, But You Very Much Should
The Fisher King (1991) I don’t get how a film with the sublime Robin Williams, and “The Dude” Jeff Bridges could fall under most people’s radar, but somehow, this Terry Gilliam film isn’t well known. The sad part of it is, it should be. This is a beautiful comedy/drama... Read more
Some US Laws Are Just Too Easy To Break
Throwing Away a Singing Greeting Card You know those greeting cards that sing to you? Well, even though it’s on a small scale, these cards have a battery and circuit board, so it’s illegal to throw them in the regular trash. You have to seek out an authorized e-recycling... Read more
It’s Hard To Believe That This Was Carved From A Tree!
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Pro-Wrestlers Make This Much Money
As a company, the WWE is worth a cool $1.5 billion. This is, in large part, thanks to the big boys. The stars that bring in the majority of the masses- both on TV and to live events. So, how much do these guys get paid for all that... Read more
Celebs Don’t Seem To Spend Their Money Wisely
In 2007, Nicolas Cage beat Leonardo DiCaprio in a bidding war for a $276,000 Mongolian dinosaur skull. However, in 2015 he had to give it up because it turned out to be stolen by a fossil smuggler. Does one normally get a refund for a stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull?... Read more