These Quotes Will Make You Think About Your Life
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Slightly Tipsy Quotes About Alcohol
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Incredible History Photos Right From The Time Machine
H.H. Holmes The First Serial Killer Of America Dr. Henry Howard Holmes was America’s first documented serial killer. As his famous controversial story goes, Holmes opened a hotel in Chicago which he design himself to situate his plans of murder. He has been proven guilty for almost 200 murders in... Read more
These Politics Are Considered Bad By Everyone, But That Didn’t Stop Them From Having A Good Time
Hitler Says, “Stop It, You!” 1 Kim Jong Un Rides a Roller Coaster 2 Hitler Hangs Out by the Lake 3 Joseph Stalin Making Hand Gestures 4 Ferdinand Porsche Shows Hitler the Volkswagen Beetle 5 The KKK Baseball Team 6 Pol Pot Enjoying Tea In The Killing Fields 7... Read more
16 House Cleaning Tips That Make Our Life Way Easier
Bright Side has collected 16 easy tips that will help busy people keep their home clean and tidy. Tip #16: Dirty shoes © A shoe tray is a perfect solution. You may also want to decorate it with different nice stones. Tip #15: Soap is everywhere. © pixabay Buy liquid soap in a nice bottle. Believe us, this tiny... Read more
People From Classical Paintings Found Their Way To A Music Festival!
John Riley – Bridget Holmes (1685) 1 Julio Romero De Torres – The Fortune Telling (1922) 2 Francesco Hayez – The Kiss (1859) 3 Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa (1503-19) 4 Grant Wood – American Gothic (1930) 5 Fausto Zonaro – Young Girl Carrying A Pumpkin (1889) 6... Read more
Movie Sets That Are Still There After All These Years
Big Fish 1 Pirates of the Caribbean films 2 The Hunger Games 3 Popeye 4 Looper 5 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 6 Gunsmoke 7 The Hills Have Eyes 8 Westworld 9 Splatalot 10 Hey Dude! 11 Year One 12 The Fugitive 13 New Hope 14  Credits: Read more
A 17-Year-Old Boy Paid With Quarters for His Meal in a Restaurant and Was Sneered At (Spoiler: They Now Regret It)
Bright Side would like to remind you that you shouldn’t put up with injustice when the truth is on your side This story is a good example of how one can remove themselves from a conflict without scandal or blame. Read more
Arnold Schwarzenegger And James Belushi: Then And Now
A Look At Celebs From Another Perspective (pics)
Julia Roberts — at the Notting Hill premiere in 1999 1 Princess Diana — taking her children to Disneyland 2 Mariah Carey — on the set of The Bachelor in 1999 3 Britney Spears — in 1999, backstage drinking her milkshake 4 Cher — at the Academy Awards in 1984 5 Sarah Jessica Parker — photographed by Barry King in the 80s 6 Led Zeppelin — arriving... Read more