5 Ways to Eat Vegan, Even If You’re a Newbie
Ever since Beyoncé launched her 22-day vegan meal plan with chef Marc Borges, vegan eating has been gaining popularity (it’s about time!). Which is why our recent discovery of vegan food blog and eating program Buddhalicious was the perfect kick in the pants we needed to get started. Founders... Read more
5 Signs That You Have a Vitamin D Deficiency
1. Excessive sweating It’s often difficult to tell if newborns are deficient, but a sweaty forehead is one of the first noticeable symptoms, Holick says. The same rings true for adults, so if you’re “glowing” while your activity level remains steady, your temperature is close to 98.6° and you’re... Read more
5 Foods That Contain More Calcium Than Milk
When most people think about getting their required calcium for the day, they tend to think that a cold, tall glass of milk will do the trick. It’s recommended that people between the ages of 19-50 get 1,000 mg of calcium on a daily basis. It is also crucial during... Read more
6 Reasons Why Your Gums are Bleeding
The appearance of blood on your toothbrush bristles, or in your sink after a thorough cleaning is not something that you should ignore. According to Dr. Peter Doig, a Dauphin, Manitoba-based dentist, and president of the Canadian Dental Association, occasional oral bleeding can occur if coarse foods scratch your... Read more
7 Foods You Should Never Cook in the Microwave
1. Eggs There have been various online resources claiming it’s easier than ever to hard-boil an egg, no pots of boiling water required. If you’re planning on trying out this microwave hard-boiling method — that is, putting fresh eggs still in their shell in the microwave for a few... Read more
What Do Flight Attendants Eat?
A simple task like eating lunch can get complicated when you’re on a job notorious for long hours, delays, and constantly changing schedules. After asking “beef or chicken?” dozens of times per flight and dishing out all the peanut packs, flight attendants eventually have to shift focus to their... Read more
5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Weather
We’re all aware of the negative aspects of cold weather, influenza and colds, less fresh veggies, staying inside too much, the negative effect on your blood pressure, oh yeah and the temperature. The benefits of cold weather might be a little more obscure, but they exist! Here are 5... Read more
11 Side Effects Of Dehydration (Makes You Fat, Sick And Age Faster)
Oxygen and water are the two most valuable resources to our body and our health. Without oxygen we die within a few minutes and without water we die within a few days. We need oxygen (trees) and we need pure water free of contaminants. Dehydration wreaks havoc on the... Read more
Complete List of Cancer Fighting Foods
While it’s true that not all diseases can be avoided, there are many that you have control over, like cancer. According to research, many cases of cancer deaths are caused by lifestyle choices–smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle, and yes, improper diet. What you eat can greatly impact your health, including... Read more
Detox vs. Cleanse – Their Differences and Benefits (Infographic)
Chances are you’ve heard people say they’re going on a “detox” or trying out a new “cleanse.” Over the past few years, those terms have become buzzwords in the health community. There are detoxing foods, detoxing drinks and detoxing diet plans. Likewise, there are cleansing foods, cleansing drinks and... Read more