What Kind of Bread is Best For Diabetics?
Diabetes and bread… So many questions come up about good ‘ol bread. And not surprisingly because it’s a staple food that we’ve all grown up on. Toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, a side of bread for dinner, it’s a pretty common practice right? Read more
Surprising Signs You Actually Have High-Functioning ADHD
If you exhibit some of these nine surprising signs, there’s a chance you may have high-functioning ADHD, and you may want to speak to a doctor or psychologist. 1.You Have Difficulty Finding The Right Words Hannah Burton/Bustle People with ADHD often have difficulty finding the “right” word when speaking.... Read more
Under-400-Calorie Lunch Ideas That Are Filling
Is it just us, or do the holidays really feel like they were yesterday? But just like that, it’s May, and in about T-minus three weeks, swimsuit season will be here in all its glory, whether we like it or not. If you’re feeling a little bit of holy-crap-I-have-to-be-in-a-bathing-suit-tomorrow-and-I-need-more-time panic, we’re with you. Since we... Read more
7 Changes that Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Doing Planks Today!
When you perform the plank every day, you’ll be guaranteed to see incredible benefits to your body as well as your mind. These eight things will happen as you start to do planks every day. Define Your Core When you start doing the plank every single day, you’ll find... Read more
10 Everyday Healthy Foods That Will Naturally Detox and Cleanse Your Body
Bright Side made a list of healthy foods you can easily incorporate into your daily diet 10. Beetroot © Depositphotos This highly beneficial root contains iron, calcium, and a type of antioxidant called betaine, which is a plant pigment responsible for the distinctive red color. Betaine improves cell structure and repairs and regenerates the cells in our liver (the... Read more
10 Tricks That Can Help Women Look Slimmer in 2 Minutes
Bright Side has gathered the most effective tricks that will help you look brilliant almost instantly! Choose comfortable footwear. © depositphotos   © depositphotos To make your legs longer and your body slimmer, you should wear shoes that are similar to your skin color. So beige, nude, brown, or whichever color is closest to the color of your legs... Read more
Unexpected Foods to Avoid That Can Be Toxic for Your Skin
1. Alcohol “Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do for your skin,” says Time Bomb skincare expert Michaella Bolder. Unfortunately, after the positive feelings you were having while drinking alcohol fade away, you’ll be left with many side effects. First, alcohol promotes hormone disruption that leads to acne. Second, it lowers your immune system... Read more
The Most Dangerous Foods In The World
Cherry Seeds/Pits “Spit out your cherry seeds because they contain the poisonous compound hydrogen cyanide,” Dr. Kantor said. That goes for other stone fruits like peaches, plums, and apricots. But don’t worry about it too much. Hydrogen cyanide is a poison, yes, but you’d have to eat a ton of cherry seeds before... Read more
A natural treatment for impotence made from melons
10 ailments that can be treated with black seed
Its scientific name is “Nigella sativa” but most people know it as black caraway, black cumin or simply black seed. It’s a flowering plant from the Ranunculaceae family and is native to southeast Asia where it has been used for over 2,000 years as a spice and for medicinal purposes. The... Read more