1. Take a long hot shower, followed directly by hopping into some clean pjs or comfy clothes and hitting the couch (or even a... 64 Ideas for Self Care When Life Gets Hard


1. Take a long hot shower, followed directly by hopping into some clean pjs or comfy clothes and hitting the couch (or even a freshly made bed!)

2. Write a gratitude list like this one

3. Ask for a cuddle. Stick with it for 12 seconds for a real sense of connection. A study published in 2015 suggests that, in addition to making us feel connected with others, hugs may actually prevent us from getting sick

4. If I’m getting stressed or pressured I force myself to slow down and do my nails: strip, file, buff, protective coat and then final colour. Takes 1 hour – Sheran

5. Eat chocolate

6. A recent study has shown the mental health benefits of living near the seaside. We can’t all live by the seaside, but I highly recommend heading down to the beach or some other scenic place to watch the sun rise or sun set. The fresh air will do you a world of good. Jeremy likes to find a nice place like a lake to sit and listen to the birds and the frogs; ‘When I lived close to the beach I would sit and watch the sunset and listen to the waves crash on the shore trying to wash away the negativity with the wave sending them out to sea while I tried and catch the positivity from the wave crashing onto shore’. 

7. Take a long, slow walk

8. For me it’s journalling, reading and therapy. Whilst I do use hobbies, nature and friends to help give my mind a break, for me what ultimately seems to help is making sense of what I can gain from life being hard  – Ellen. Here’s some ideas to inspire your journalling. And if you don’t know how to get started, check out these tips!

9. Hunker down and read a good book. If it’s cold out, snuggle into a cozy blanket. If it’s warm, head outside with a rug and get some vitamin D – just remember a hat and sunscreen!

10. Take a nap. In my opinion, naps solve almost everything!

11. Colour! Adult colouring books are the bomb… or at least I think so! This is my favourite colouring book.

12. Pick up the telephone and talk to someone

13. Book yourself in for a pamper session. Get your hair done, get a manicure or pedicure, or maybe treat yourself to a massage! If you can afford it, hit the day spa for a whole day of pampering!

14. Pray – JoAnn aka The Glam Whisperer

15. Watch a funny movie, or if you need a good cry, a sad movie. And then there’s a good old mindless chick flick…

16. Cry your heart out

17. Binge watch your fave TV series

18. Hit the open road and go for a drive with the music up loud

19. Depending on the issue, a good walk, write or journal, make a list of pros and cons if it’s a tough decision I’m faced with, maybe go sit somewhere picturesque like the beach and sometimes a great chat with a close friend probably over a vino 🍷 and a good laugh 😃 – Debbie

20. Just say no. Here’s why it’s so good and how to learn to do it!

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