12 Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries
Bright Side shares with you the 12 most useful tips that can help you stay away from unexpected troubles and make your vacation truly unforgettable. 12. Jellyfish, corals, and bright fish © wikimedia   © Towle N/flickr Lots of dangerous creatures, including some species of fish, jellyfish, and corals, live in the warm waters of tropical countries.... Read more
21 Bizarre Discoveries Left Abandoned
Sanzhi ghost town, Taiwan This town was planned as a luxurious seashore resort for local wealthy men, but when the construction began, the oddities began, too. Dozens of workers died, having fallen from high above (even with safety ropes on) or crushed by broken cranes. The locals believed the town to be inhabited by evil spirits. There were... Read more
How Do These Fast Food Items Even Exist?!
When you think of a lobster roll – lobster, perfectly cooked, mixed with mayo and spices, served on a toasted roll with lettuce – you probably don’t think McDonald’s. And yet, in Canada you can get a McLobster. They even sold them in the US for awhile in 2015.... Read more
The Most Dangerous Foods In The World
Cherry Seeds/Pits “Spit out your cherry seeds because they contain the poisonous compound hydrogen cyanide,” Dr. Kantor said. That goes for other stone fruits like peaches, plums, and apricots. But don’t worry about it too much. Hydrogen cyanide is a poison, yes, but you’d have to eat a ton of cherry seeds before... Read more
Calories Have Nothing To Do With Healthy Diet And Here’s Why
London-based fitness blogger Lucy Montain is here to remind us that there is more to a balanced diet that just calorie counting. Mountain likes to show that foods that have been deemed “healthy” — like almonds — often have as many calories as foods that have been deemed “unhealthy”... Read more
Here’s How Subcultures Looked Like Back In The 50s: Teddy Boys
US Spy Has Captured Life In The USSR After The World War II
Schoolgirls At Kolomenskoye, A Former Royal Estate In The South Of Moscow A Market In Crimea, A Few Years Before The Peninsula Was “Gifted” To Ukraine By Stalin’s Successor A Night Shot Of Moscow Flooded Streets In Kiev Babushka Dealings, Snapped Out Of The Window Of A Train A... Read more