Top 10 Easter Breakfast Recipes
Sausage and Egg Breakfast Tots Recipe HERE  lemon-ricotta pancakes. Recipe HERE Easter bunny rolls Recipe HERE Tater Tot Breakfast Bake Recipe HERE Riesling-Peach Glazed Ham Recipe HERE Italian Brunch Torte Recipe HERE Sausage, Spinach, and Egg Breakfast Burritos Recipe HERE Easy Spinach and Tomato Frittata Recipe HERE Scrambled Eggs... Read more
Nobody Really Knows Why These Things Look This Way
  1 Pom-pom on a cap Pom-poms are generally perceived as an accessory today, but their history dates back as far as the 18th century. Back then, French sailors wore hats with pom-poms to protect their heads from bumping on low deck ceilings. Later, different army suits included caps with pom-poms, and you could tell the military... Read more
These Celebrities Are Real Examples Of Caring About Their Fans
Chris Evans and Chris Pratt This superhero duo made a Superbowl bet, dictating that the loser would pay a visit to a children’s hospital…in costume! Despite the fact that Chris Evans won the bet (Pratt made a visit to Christopher’s Haven in Boston), he still went along to Seattle Children’s Hospital to lend the kids some Captain America cheer.... Read more
American Professor Had To Live In A Dumpster For A Year To Create This Architectural Perfection
  1 Jeff Wilson, Professor and Dean at the Huston-Tillotson University, lived a full year in a 3 square meter (33 sq. ft.) dumpster just to understand how much space does a human being require to live comfortably. He then proceeded to create Kasita –  a tiny house of... Read more
It May Look Like A Simple Storage Container, But Inside…
Living in containers is becoming increasingly popular in the US and you can see why, as this container has everything you could ask for from a home. It comes for only 50000$ and can be shipped anywhere within 1000 miles of Beaumont, TX. 1 2 3 4 5 6... Read more
17 Seriously Emotional Photos That Will Melt Your Heart
Have you ever looked at a photograph and realized that it was telling you a story about someone’s life? Sometimes, pictures can ‘transmit’ very strong feelings, touching your soul and affecting your state of mind. When you look at them you feel a quiver inside: this one made you smile, the other makes you choke back... Read more
11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism
If you want to improve your health or lose weight, the first thing to pay attention to should be your metabolism: it has a great influence on how our body cells are supplied with energy and nutrients. Metabolic dysfunction usually causes excess weight. The team at Bright Side has made a list of good habits that can help you speed up your... Read more
16 Awesome Things From Japan That Should Immediately Be Used Everywhere on Earth
Japan is an incredible country. What amazes us the most about the Land of the Rising Sun is that it rapidly produces lots of wonderful and useful things every year. We can’t help but admire all the beauty and splendor of Japanese culture, and we can’t wait to see the greatest achievements of Japanese creative minds used by the rest of the world.... Read more
7 Best Pre – Workout Foods
We all want to get the most out of a workout – to train harder, spin faster, run quicker, jump higher. And, while many of us prepare mentally for a challenging workout, we sometimes forget to fuel the engine or to do it properly. Pre-workout, there are certain foods... Read more
9 Fitness Tips to Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat and Become a Better Athlete
If you are in the fitness and bodybuilding world for some time, you’ve probably seen there is a ton of information about training, nutrition and supplements on the internet, magazines, television… Some of it is very useful, but unfortunately, most of it is very misleading. Often, when people find... Read more