25 Motivational Quotes For The Modern Man
25 Motivational Quotes For The Modern Man Other 50 motivation read HERE  Read more
30 Amazing Habits That Will Make Your Life Awesome
Love yourself first Don’t get attached to stuff Choose experiences over stuff Don’t compare yourself with others Make something for someone to show that you care Learn to say no Someone else’s recipe may not work for you Have an idea jar Act exactly how you feel Smile at people... Read more
A Fox And A Dog: The Cutest Couple You Will Ever See
Meet Juniper the fox and her buddy Moose the dog. They are quite popular on Instagram and it is easy to see why. These two are your major cuteness overload. See more HERE  Read more
Rescue Cat Works As A Nurse And Helps Heal Other Animals
Meet Lucifer, aka Luc. He lives in an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. Luc can’t walk, his owners found him like this and they believe it is because he was squeezed by the door and got his spine damaged. But he is happy, because he now has a work and a... Read more
29 Habits of Extremely Considerate People
They put themselves in other people’s shoes. They recognize their own imperfections—and embrace them! They open the door for people instead of barging through it first. They try to make people feel comfortable in awkward situations. If someone looks great, they tell them! Why not? They think first and... Read more
50 Small Things That Make Relationships Last
Here are 50 small things that relationships need to last. Travel and discover new places together. Forgive immediately. Forget and don’t keep a score. Communicate and listen more. Pursue your individual passions. Set goals as a couple. Pursue goals together. Learn to say “thank you” to the other person.... Read more
10 Interesting Facts About Legendary Pink Floyd
While Syd Barrett and David Gilmour (Barrett’s eventual replacement) would join the band later, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright all met and formed what would become Pink Floyd while attending London Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster) as architecture students in 1963. 1 A film of their... Read more
Growing Up In The Beginning Of The 20th Century Was Not An Easy Task For Kids
Author Chris Wild has found some striking historic photos for his new book called “The Retronaut Guide To Raising Children: The Past Like You Wouldn’t Believe.” Have you got a light boy? Two young lads look like experienced smokers in their ornately furnished secret den 1 No hitting below... Read more
25 Life Lessons Written by a 100-Year-Old Man
Always maintain a good sense of humor. Never be too good to start at the bottom. Exercise every single day, even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t spend more money than you make. Drink orange juice every day. Love at first sight is not a fable. Having a... Read more
5 Powerful Habits of Ultra Successful People
1. They Speed Learn Being able to boost your own learning curve to a point where you feel comfortable with learning about new topics is a sign of successful people. Just fifteen minutes a day of non-fiction is all that you need to make a genuine difference to your... Read more