1. A Unique Date Night Is A Must This is one of the tips that you will find in almost any article on how... 12 Crucial Tips On How To Fix A Boring Relationship


1. A Unique Date Night Is A Must

This is one of the tips that you will find in almost any article on how to fix a boring relationship. It is that important.

You have to start going on dates again. But, not just any dates. Remember when you first got together and all dates felt new and exciting? After a while, though, going to the same restaurant felt more like a comfort thing than it did an exciting thing. That’s when things can get boring. Therefore, you need to make date night something unique and exciting as often as possible to keep the thrill up.

If you haven’t gone on a date in a while, then start off by going someone comfortable and memorable to the two of you. This will give you a reconnect that you probably really need. But, after that, schedule in dates that excite you.

To make it fair, make sure that you each write down potential date ideas on a little piece of paper. Then, put those ideas in a jar and pull one idea every time it is date night. That will maintain a level of excitement and surprise, and ensure that you are doing things that at least one of you really wants to try out.

Just don’t put down any of your partner’s ideas that don’t thrill you, or your unique date night venture will come to a halt because of hurt feelings and anger. When that happens, you won’t be able to start it back up again without a lot of convincing and effort. View each date night as having potential, and then go from there.


2. Fix Your Perception Of Your Partner And Your Relationship

Often the way we look at things causes us to feel one way or the other, and a simple change in mindset can help us feel completely different. In your relationship, you may view your partner in a way that makes him or her look completely boring to you. Or, you may look at your relationship as boring compared to other people’s relationships that you see around you. Of course your relationship is going to be boring when you view it as such.

Following is a trick that may help you change your perception. This is a very real situation that many people I know have had to face without using their imagination.

Imagine that your partner has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. All those little annoyances that you had before will melt away as you realize just how important your partner is in your life and how unhappy you would be if you lost them.

Now, list off the reasons you would be unhappy without your partner if that illness got the better of them. What would you miss about them? What would you miss about your relationship? These are the things that make your relationship unique and interesting.

You will find that there are many things that you cherish about your partner, but you will also discover that your partner makes your life more fun and exciting in many different ways. Those are the things you want to focus on when you think about your partner. Those things will help you feel like your partner and your relationship is much less boring that you thought.


3. Celebrate Each Other’s Uniqueness

How can you get bored when you are around someone who sees the world differently than you and goes after different things in their life? Their unique outlook and approach to life should be exciting to you and help you grow as an individual and as a couple.

The trick to celebrating each other’s uniqueness it to allow each other to be who you are, without judgment or ridicule. This means you can’t tell your partner they are stupid because they like to meditate or because they don’t want to eat meat or because they want to pursue a career in vlogging, even though they are currently an accountant. Allow their differences to be interesting to you instead of annoying, and you will find that your relationship with them becomes a lot more exciting.


4. Become Best Friends

Your best friend is the closest person you have, and they are the one that you can always count on for fun, laughter, and good times. They are willing to do things with you that you want to do, and they are people who you are willing to go the extra mile for. You are never bored in their company, even when you are just sitting and staring at the TV, because you feel a connection with them that allows you to be yourself. And, you can open up about anything you want to them, which allows you to solve problems quickly and get back to having fun.

Your partner in life should be your best friend. If they are not, then you need to remedy that quickly. If you would rather be around someone else, then you will find ways to make your relationship boring enough that you have an excuse to get away and be with your actual best friend. Or, you will make your relationship boring because you are more focused on getting out with your friend than you are on working on your relationship.


5. Stop Being So Smart And Proper All The Time

Being smart is a good thing in life, but when your intelligence is the only thing you bring to your relationship, it is going to get boring. Intelligence causes you to hold back in your relationship. It causes you to question and ponder and take your time, and those are all boring things when your partner just wants to have some fun with you.

I’m not saying you need to become stupid, but you do need to put your ‘let me think this through’ persona aside and let your hair loose once in a while. Be silly. Do childish things. Act on impulse. Dance wildly. Sing loudly. Talk in a ridiculous voice. Do things that bring more than just your adult side into the relationship, and you will be much less boring and much more fun.


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