1. Utilize Friends, Family, and Neighbors If you’ve ever talked to someone who lived through the Great Depression one point becomes very clear- friends,... 10 Old Fashioned Survival Tips from Grandma


1. Utilize Friends, Family, and Neighbors

If you’ve ever talked to someone who lived through the Great Depression one point becomes very clear- friends, family, and neighbors working together was critical to everyone’s survival. Nowadays, family members often live scattered across the country (or even across the world!) and many people barely know their neighbors’ names. But back then everyone worked together to help each other make it through the Great Depression. They traded and bartered with each other, and even helped out each other for nothing in return. So if you’re trying to save money, see if the people you know can help you out a bit. They don’t need to give you money, but maybe you can do something like trade vegetable seeds with them, or maybe they’d be okay with you using their edger so you don’t have to pay to rent one.

2. Use What You Have

Back in the day, people were very creative when it came to repurposing and using up what they had. The scraps from the cloth that was used to make a dress could be used to make a new pillow. An old ladder could be repurposed into a new set of shelves. Things like that allowed people to get brand new things without spending a dime!

3. Stock Your Pantry with Staples

Another of the many important old fashioned survival tips is to fill your pantry with food staples. Food staples are things like flour, oats, rice, lentils, and beans, all of which can be used to make dozens of meals. Specific foods like cake mix and chips are not staples because they can only be used one way. Not only are staples versatile, but they also are often very inexpensive (a can of beans costs less than $1), making them great food choices if you’re trying to survive tough times.

4. Utilize the Wild

One of the best old fashioned survival tips is one that people have been using for centuries- use the wild! That means foraging, fishing, even hunting for the food you eat. Of course nowadays you can’t just wander into any forest and do whatever you want. You have to make sure you have the proper licenses and approvals, along with the skills and at least some basic gear. But if you have all the right things, you could wind up coming home with a basket or cooler full of food for your family!

5. Rely Less on Modern Conveniences

Years ago, people didn’t rely so much on modern conveniences, even if they had access to them. They’d use candles along with electric lights, they reused produce washing water as water to use in their garden, they’d open a window for the breeze instead of turning on the AC, and they’d dry clothes on a clothesline. If you can do more things like this, you’d save a lot on your utilities, which can be very helpful during tough times!

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